Bioenergetic Analysis is a holistic form of therapy that works with the physical, emotional, and mental patterns of the person to reduce emotional stress and free the body for health.


Contractions in the muscular system are often the result of carrying unresolved emotional tension.  These contractions can have a direct effect on the energy level of the individual, on the capacity for spontaneous and creative self-expression, and on feelings of well-being.


By addressing conflicts through a releasing energy process, Bioenergetics seeks to help the individual gain greater understanding and awareness of old patterns of action and reaction, enlarge the capacity to tolerate and resolve old pain, and increase the ability to experience joy and pleasure.


These workshops are led by Lenore Schulein, certified in Bioenergetic Analysis, with the assistance of Sr. Cecelia Ann.  The workshops give wonderful group support as well as an experience of the charism of Tree House safety and acceptance to those attending.



“I learned a lot about how anger projects itself and manifests in our habits in addition to techniques on how to manage it.”  – C.S.

“What I got out of the workshop…first and foremost not feeling alone.  It helps to share and talk about feelings with others in a loving, supportive, non-judgemental space.  I feel so much lighter and more even-tempered and love the tools to work through my inner rage.  I look forward to chipping away at this to reveal my true authentic space.” -Anonymous